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Professor of Economics

B.A.,  Keio University, 2005.
M.A., University of Tokyo, 2007.

PhD., Northwestern University, 2011. 

CV [pdf]

The goal of my research is to study individual decision making. My main focus is in decision theory, developing mathematical models of decision making that account for some of the behavioral regularities documented in experimental economics and psychology.

I am currently working on the application of decision theory to empirical studies, especially discrete choice analysis. Click here to read my full profile.

News (May 04, 2022)

  •  I finished "Mixed Logit and Pure Characteristics Models" (joint with Jay Lu) . Jay Lu presented the paper at ASSA 2022 meeting.
  •  I also finished  "Approximating Choice Data by Discrete Choice Models" (joint with Haoge Chang, and Yusuke Narita).
  • I am finishing  "Does Harold Zurcher Have Time Separable
    (joint with  Jay Lu, Yao Luo, and Yi Xin) 
  • I am looking for RA. Please take a look at RA & SURF opportunity page for the detail. I explained my projects.